2019 Art Series by Ronald Hunter


We are proud to present to you the latest 2019 art series made by Ronald Hunter.

So, get ready and feast your eyes on 3 (!) stunning art collections: High Rise, Islands and Lines. Each artwork in these collections is particularly unique and one-of-a-kind. In fact, we suggest you shouldn’t wait too long to acquire one of these remarkable pieces, considering that once they are gone, they’re gone forever…

Not only can you complete your interior style with a unique and timeless piece of art. More importantly, new additions are added to the collections regularly. Keep an eye on this page, and follow Ronald on Instagram, to stay up to date with his latest work.

High Rise

Contrasting colors in linear shapes, Ronald’s new art serie ‘High Rise’ is inspired by the rise of vertical cities. These abstract painting are not only made with many layers of acrylic paint, creating depth and texture. They also come with a floating frame (made of wood).


Next, ‘Islands’ takes Ronald’s exploration of free form to another level. Free forms seem to float around on the canvas. The layers in colors and high contrast create a particularly powerful image. In the same way as High Rise, his painting serie is built up from many layers of acrylic paint and texture, and also comes with a black floating frame (made of wood).


Finally, with ‘Lines’ Ronald wants focus more on decorative interior art and office art. With this serie he sets a remarkable new tone for a line of decorative art; classic designs with modern, rich color tones.

Three collections, and each one equally unique in their own way. In our opinion, with his 2019 art in serie Ronald continues to surprise us with new styles and techniques. Consequently, we cannot wait for the new additions to arrive! So, keep an eye out for new work on his Instagram.