Abstract Art – Panels serie by Ronald Hunter

19th April 2018
abstract art
abstract art
panels abstract art

Abstract Art: Panels serie by Ronald Hunter

Ronalds abstract art is known for its versatility in color compositions and moods. He  likes to create new styles on a regular basis. Besides creating new work, he will occasionally revisit some of his familiar styles. “Panels” is one of his favorite serie of paintings. The idea came from a huge table he used to work on with large wooden panels. Have a look at the artwork that kickstarted this serie: Original Yellow Panels.

Every art piece within the “Panels” serie has their own color scheme, that fit a wide variety of interior styles. Through multiple layers of paint and texture Ronald aims to create a sense of depth. There is always something new to discover in these works of art.

Panels” is available in different sizes, in a horizontal or vertical orientation. You can also request a commission for a “Panels” painting. Just send an email to info@ronaldhunter.com and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

New art is uploaded regularly. Just follow Ronald’s Instagram to stay up to date!