Abstract Family Portraits

11th March 2020

New: Abstract Family Portraits

Abstract Family Portraits – Discover the new series of beautiful abstract portraits of families in all shapes and sizes. These artworks are made with acrylic paint on high-quality paper (250 g) by Ronald Hunter. Most of the paintings are in A2 format, but Ronald can also make them in larger or smaller format. Contact us for a customized painting.

An ode to family

The new family portraits are different from the portraits that Ronald usually create (see Pop Art collection). The playful shapes invite the viewer to bring the portrait to life with their own subjects.


The idea for this series grew after I became a father for the first time, last year. The portraits are an ode to family, in all shapes and sizes.

Every family is unique, and what could be better than having a timeless image of this on your wall? And not unimportant: these abstract family portraits are a great way to start your art collection. They are priced at 129 a piece.

View the full collection here.

About the artist

Ronald Hunter is a versatile artist; his work includes various abstract and modern styles. Still, Ronald’s work is easily recognizable by the layering in colors and textures.

Ronald Hunter worked for many years as a graphic designer until he made the fulltime switch to painting. Due to his background, the colorful, lively paintings of Ronald have a clear graphic, street art style. He finds inspiration in street posters, which create their own abstract compositions of colors and shapes while they are stuck over each other. Ronald wants to achieve this effect in his paintings by applying several layers of paint and texture, and by using typographical shapes.

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