Diamond Serie

Abstract square paintings by Ronald Hunter

We proudly present Ronald’s new art series: “Diamonds”; an exploration of light and color. The hues of the diamond-shaped objects are painted like the facets of this gemstone. Surprising color combinations are the result.

For this collection of abstract square paintings, Ronald uses many layers of acrylic paint. The different color layers are still partly visible, which gives each painting a interesting depth.

Diamonds in diptych

The square paintings ‘Diamond‘ are perfect to combine in a diptych. Combine colors that go together, or choose bolder combinations of contrasting colors.

Two square paintings next to each other is a nice alternative instead of one horizontal painting; this creates a more exciting composition.

More square abstract paintings by Ronald Hunter

custom paintings

Buy abstract square paintings,
directly from the artist

Buying modern art is exciting, and at the same time a challenge. Ideally, you will enjoy the work of art you buy for years to come. But how do you know when you’ve found the right artwork?

There are many ways to buy art and buying art directly from the artist makes the lines as short as possible. Especially now that artists can offer a safe online purchasing experience, buying directly from the artist is easy as ever. Not only does it ensure that you buy original art, we can imagine that it makes the purchase all the more pleasant with personal contact! That is why we invite everyone to contact Ronald if you want to know more about his process or the story behind a specific work of art. You can also follow him here on Instagram.