How Art makes a Home

22nd August 2018

Choose Original Art for your Home

Although we instinctively know art belongs to us and our home, why do we need it? You want to make your house your home, no matter where you move to. That is why adding something personal is so important. By choosing original art, you get something truly unique.

Ronald Hunter offers a wide variety of abstract styles and pop art paintings. We can guarantee that you will enjoy your living space even more, when you surround yourself with art you love. Take for instance this photo of an orginal Ronald Hunter in a beautiful French home. The home owners enjoy their painting every day.

art for your home

You find your perfect piece, by following your heart. And even when you are not ready to invest in an original painting, there are other ways to obtain an original piece of art.

Ronald Hunter offers a solution for smaller budgets with his Fine Art on Paper collection. Original and affordable, the colorful collection has something for everyone’s taste.

If you like, you can keep track of Ronald’s latest work of abstract paintings by following his Instagram page (@ronaldhunterpaintings).