Mix & Match your Ronald Hunter art

24th October 2018

The power of complementary art

It’s not hard to feel inspired by images of walls filled with beautiful art. Complementary artworks can make such a strong presence, but how to start? This Fall, we will help you create your own art wall with the collection Fine Art on Paper made by Ronald Hunter.

Each Art on Paper is unique, and handmade by Ronald. Not to mention, these original artworks are very affordable, and therefore a great way to start your art collection.

Ronald uses acrylic paint on high quality paper (300 gr) to create these colorful original paintings. Most are 42×59,4cm in size (16,5×23,4″).

art wall

Ronald enjoys working on paper, because it allows him to experiment more freely with color and shape compared to canvas. He works intuitively, which means he can create a serie of paintings in a limited time frame.

I work best under pressure, I set a goal and get to work. I like to paint with many different colors, and the image that arises is fine-tuned while I work on the other ones.

Ronald’s Art on Papers create a stunning presence on their own, but will bring even more color into your home when paired up.

Create your own art wall

With its elegant designs and rich colors, it’s hard to choose which ones to purchase. To give guidance on what paintings pair up well, we will show you suggestions of paintings that look great together. For a cohesive look, it’s important that all the artworks have something in common – even if it’s just a similar color tone.

Take for instance ‘Neon Layers‘ and ‘Dotted Sunset‘ below. The airy design of ‘Dotted Sunset’ balances out the richness in color of ‘Neon Layers’. The warm color scheme brings the two together.

art wall
art wall

Abstract Neon‘ and ‘Neon in Grey‘ look like they were made for each other. The design and color scheme match perfectly.

art wall

Purple is back. The calm tone, often associated with spirituality, will bring a tranquil atmosphere in your home. ‘Ultra Violet‘ forms a powerful bond with ‘Purple Dots‘.

art wall

A less obvious match, but worth considering: an abstract artwork with a portrait. The power of this portrait is balanced out by the minimalistic design of ‘Purple Dots‘ . The pastel color tones match beautifully.

The portrait you see is ‘Face Study 4’, which will be soon available as high quality art print.

Want to see more?

With an ever expanding collection of Fine Art on Paper, you can make infinite matches for your art wall. If you are curious to see more, follow Ronald’s Instagram. Or, get in touch with your wishes and we will accommodate to your request as best we can.

art wall

Coral in Grey‘ with ‘Coral Reef

art wall

Blue Haven‘ with ‘Abstract no. 4‘ (both 50×70 cm)

art wall

Dotted Blue Sky‘ with ‘Dotted Sunset