• affordable paintings High quality affordable paintings

    Affordable paintings for everyone Looking for high quality affordable paintings? Buying art is exciting, but can be quite a challenge too. There is only so much wall space to fill, and you want to make sure you choose something that will bring you joy for a long time. We are a firm believer that when you [...] Continue Reading
  • custom painting Custom paintings by Ronald Hunter

    Buying art is fun, but can be quite a challenge too. There is only so much wall space to fill, and you want to make sure you choose something that will bring you joy for a long time. The original painting collection made by Ronald Hunter, consists of a wide variety of styles and color [...] Continue Reading
  • art wall Mix & Match your Ronald Hunter art

    The power of complementary artworks It's not hard to feel inspired by images of walls filled with beautiful art. Complementary artworks can make such a strong presence, but how to start? This Fall, we will help you create your own art wall with the collection Fine Art on Paper made by Ronald Hunter. Each Art on [...] Continue Reading
  • pop art Pop Art by Ronald Hunter

    Ronald Hunter and Pop Art Ronald Hunter is a versatile artist, with an oeuvre that encompasses different - abstract and modern - styles. But despite his versatility, he still manages to have a 'signature' style that is easy to recognize. Ronald has, in addition to abstract art, a true love for Pop Art. We want [...] Continue Reading
  • artist timelapse Painting Timelapse

    Painting Timelapse: How Ronald Hunter makes art Would you like to see how Ronald Hunter creates an artwork? Stick around and watch his latest artist video, where he shows you in a short painting timelapse how he created one of his latest pieces. As you might have noticed, Ronald Hunter is a productive artist. Ideas come [...] Continue Reading
  • dutch artist Interview with Dutch Artist Ronald Hunter

    How to make art a business Ronald Hunter is a successful Dutch artist / enterpreneur, that knows how to combine his business sense with his artistic talent. He sold hundreds of paintings in the past 6 years, and is about to start an exciting new venture with a business partner. Time to catch up with [...] Continue Reading
  • custom art for interior design Custom Art for Interior Design Agencies

    Custom Art for Interior Design Projects Interior Design professionals know that art brings a WOW factor into any project. Art can make a difference, especially when the art is custom made. But where to find custom art for interior design projects? Ronald Hunter is a master in creating original abstract and pop art. His oeuvre [...] Continue Reading
  • art for your home How Art makes a Home

    Choose Original Art for your Home Although we instinctively know art belongs to us and our home, why do we need it? You want to make your house your home, no matter where you move to. That is why adding something personal is so important. By choosing original art, you get something truly unique. Ronald [...] Continue Reading
  • pop art portrait Pop Art Portraits by Ronald Hunter

    Pop Art Portrait by Ronald Hunter It is no secret Ronald is a fan of Pop Art. The Pop Art Portrait serie is a cornerstone in his collection. We asked Ronald if he could share some insight in his creative process. Insight in the process "I have a background in graphic design, and I like [...] Continue Reading
  • abstract portrait Abstract Portrait: Vintage Blue by Ronald Hunter

    New Abstract Portrait by Ronald Hunter Meet “Vintage Blue” (90x90 cm), the latest addition to the abstract portrait series 'Pop Art Girl' by Dutch artist Ronald Hunter. A stunning work of art, where Ronald combines an iconic portrait with typographic forms. Not only did Ronald play with perspective, he also managed to integrate form and [...] Continue Reading
  • affordable art Affordable Art: New Collection by Ronald Hunter

    Affordable Art by Ronald Hunter. When you think of affordable art, think of the new Ronald Hunter collection of Large Fine Art on Paper. A balanced composition of color and form, each piece is unique and handmade. Although the collection is one-of-a-kind and painted on high quality/ acrylic paper (240gr, acid free). this doesn't mean it [...] Continue Reading