• Looking for high quality affordable art?

    Looking for high quality affordable art? Ronald Hunter offers a wide collection of abstract paintings, in different styles and sizes. He uses only the highest quality materials to make sure his clients can enjoy the paintings for a long time.  And the best part.. Ronald is a strong believer of fair priced art, making it [...] Continue Reading
  • Custom art by Ronald Hunter

    Buying art can be difficult. There is only so much wall space to fill, and you want to make sure you choose something that will bring you joy for a long time. The abstract and modern collection made by Ronald Hunter consists of a wide variety of styles and color compositions. We invite you to [...] Continue Reading
  • abstract portrait Abstract Portrait: Vintage Blue by Ronald Hunter

    New Abstract Portrait by Ronald Hunter. Meet “Vintage Blue” (90x90 cm), the latest addition to the abstract portrait series 'Pop Art Girl' by Dutch artist Ronald Hunter. A stunning work of art, where Ronald combines an iconic portrait with typographic forms. Not only did Ronald play with perspective, he also managed to integrate form and [...] Continue Reading
  • affordable art Affordable Art: New Collection by Ronald Hunter

    Affordable Art by Ronald Hunter. When you think of affordable art, think of the new Ronald Hunter collection of Large Fine Art on Paper. A balanced composition of color and form, each piece is unique and handmade. Although the collection is one-of-a-kind and painted on high quality/ acrylic paper (240gr, acid free). this doesn't mean it [...] Continue Reading
  • custom art for professional projects Custom art for professional projects – Interior design agencies

    Custom Art for Professional Projects Ronald Hunter often creates custom art for professional projects. As a result, he regularly partners with design agencies and interior designers/ decorators, to help enrich public or private domains with original art. As an abstract artist, Ronald Hunter offers a variety of styles and color compositions in any size. While [...] Continue Reading
  • To buy art is to follow you heart

    Buying art is exciting, but can be quite a challenge too. Preferably the artwork you buy, brings joy for a long time. But how do you know you found the right piece? First the Basics You can start by educating yourself, and learn which styles you love. Here Instagram is useful; it's a great way [...] Continue Reading
  • typopop Pop Art Portrait by Ronald Hunter

    Pop Art Portrait by Ronald Hunter Ronald Hunter is a versatile artist, with an oeuvre that encompasses different (abstract and pop art) styles. But despite his versatility, he manages to have a 'signature' style that is easy to recognize. The Pop Art Portrait serie is a cornerstone in his collection. We asked Ronald if he could [...] Continue Reading
  • custom artwork Painting SOLD? Request a custom artwork

    Custom Artwork based on a SOLD listing Good news for customers who are looking for their perfect painting! Even if a painting is already sold, Ronald Hunter is more than happy to recreate the piece as custom artwork for you. Just get in touch with us by email or phone. Ronald usually needs 1-2 weeks to finish [...] Continue Reading
  • Decorate your wall with colorful art

    We just love Ronald Hunter's new colorful art on paper! Each painting is unique and handmade. He uses high-grade paper (240 gr, acid free) to create stunning pieces that are a feast for the eyes. Each one is signed on the front, and you receive the artwork rolled in a tube with a certificate of [...] Continue Reading
  • Ronald Hunter in his studio in Rotterdam Ronald Hunter at work in the studio

    In the studio of Ronald Hunter As a full-time artist, Ronald Hunter spends a lot of time in the studio in Rotterdam. Here he focuses on creating his art, and developing new techniques. As you probably know, every painting in his webshop is original and handmade by him. Here you see him applying the final [...] Continue Reading
  • Abstract Art – Panels serie by Ronald Hunter

    Abstract Art: Panels serie by Ronald Hunter Ronalds work is known for its versatility in color compositions and moods, and he likes to create new styles on a regular basis. Besides creating new work, he will occasionally revisit some of his familiar styles. "Panels" is one of his favorite serie of paintings. The idea came from [...] Continue Reading
  • city structure in neon lights City Structure in Neon Lights

    New Painting: City Structure in Neon Lights The latest addition to the Ronald Hunter collection is 'City Structure in Neon Lights' (90x90 cm). Through multiple layers of acrylic paint, Ronald aims to create a sense of depth and texture. With this artwork Ronald wanted to capture the feeling of the city, the dynamic pace and [...] Continue Reading