Buy a painting online: The benefits

15th February 2019

Buying a Ronald Hunter painting online: a good idea?

Ronald Hunter offers art buyers the opportunity to purchase his art directly from the studio, via his online shop. All the works that you see on his website are from Ronald’s hand and are sold in-house. The line between buyer and artist is therefore short and clear; you never pay too much.

One of the advantages of buying online art, is that you can view the complete collection. You can study the paintings in peace, with the prices clearly displayed.

buy art straight from the artist

Up until now, it has been unusual for the traditional art world to show the price. This is strange to us: after all, many people feel it’s unpleasant to ask for a price. It is even considered an obstacle to buy art. That is why Ronald Hunter has an entirely different view: for him complete transparency is very important when selling his art.

What is even more interesting; his original artworks are reasonably priced, and therefore affordable for a large audience.

Besides his original art collection, Ronald is highly skilled in creating customized paintings: with his experienced view of color and shape he can advise you well what fits your interior. Inquire about a custom-made painting today, and send us a picture of your interior. Based on your wishes, we offer you a digital sketch, free of charge, and without obligation.

Have a look at some examples of recent projects for private residences:

buy a painting online
buy a painting online
buy a painting online

Would you like to see Ronald Hunters work in real life? You are welcome to visit the gallery roxier in Rotterdam (open by appointment).

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