Buy art straight from the artist

19th February 2018

Buy Art straight from the Artist


Ronald Hunter is an independent artist, who exchanged his commercial career for art just 5 years ago.  He sells his art on several online platforms, and also from his own official webshop. His webshop offers a safe online purchase experience, so that customers can buy art straight from the artist.

buy art straight from the artist
buy art straight from the artist

Ronald Hunter’s work style

His background in graphic design is apparent in his work.

“As a graphic designer you have to use a certain kind of balance and contrast to “tell a story”. These basic lines you will also find in my artworks. For example; in all my artworks I will always use dark and light colors. I do that to create a certain balance.”

He is specialized in abstract art, and likes for everyone to have their own experience with his art.

“I like my paintings to be an abstract image, I think it’s realy great all viewers can have their own idea on what the painting represents. Some customers have a real strong feeling/idea what my paintings are about, I really like to hear all different views on the same artwork. No idea will be wrong or right.”

He works with different textures, and he uses acrylic paint because it dries the fastest.

“I work very fast in many layers. That’s kind of my signature, the layers add depth and texture to my work. It keeps an artwork interesting even if you look at it for many years.”

Inspiration is everywhere

Ronald finds inspiration all around him. Some of his designs he will reuse in different form and color compositions, all unique in their own right.

“One of my favourite artworks is the Panels serie. This idea came from a huge table I used to work on with large wooden panels. A lot of people who came by, told me they liked the image of those wooden panels with lots of colored paint on it. So I decided to recreate my table in a painting. Now I’m selling all different types in different colored panels.”

He continuously develops his style and technique, adding new elements to his work.

“About 1,5 year ago I started painting faces on top of the abstract typography. The faces are never famous people or somebody in particular, I like this also to be abstract.”

Want to stay in touch with Ronald, and learn more about his work? Follow him on Instagram, or get in touch.