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  • new art New Art Serie: Islands (2019)

    New Art serie by Ronald Hunter: Islands (2019) As a full-time artist, Ronald Hunter spends a lot of time trying out new techniques and styles. And although Ronald creates his art according to a set of rules, there still are endless directions to explore when he's examining form and figures. One of the joys of [...] Continue Reading
  • buy a painting online Buy a painting online: The benefits

    Buy a Ronald Hunter painting online: a good idea? Ronald Hunter offers art buyers the opportunity to purchase his art directly from the studio, via his online shop. All the works that you see on his website are from Ronald's hand and are sold in-house. The line between buyer and artist is therefore short and [...] Continue Reading
  • xl paintings for sale Extra Large paintings: New abstract art serie

    Discover the new collection extra large paintings by Ronald Hunter Paintings made by Ronald Hunter come in all sizes, but we can't help to admire his extra large paintings the most. In the past weeks, Ronald has created several large pieces that will enhance any home or office. We say: dare to go XL! We have [...] Continue Reading
  • framed painting Frame your Painting to Perfect the Look

    Floating Frames to add elegance Framed painting - Looking for paintings with frame? At Ronald Hunter Paintings, you can add a frame to your painting. Although Ronald paints the sides of his canvases (a frame is not necessary), a floating frame can perfect the look. We use floating frames (edge style) that leave a bit [...] Continue Reading
  • art prints Original Art Gifts are Here

    Art prints - Surprise your loved one with an original art gift 'Tis the season to be jolly! Here at Ronald Hunter Paintings we already started decorating and are preparing ourselves for the best season of all. Buying gifts is all part of the anticipation for X-mas. And what better way to show your appreciation [...] Continue Reading
  • Interior Art 2019

    A peek at the 2019 Interior Art series by Ronald Hunter We are close to the end of the year, time to look at what's in store for 2019! In fact, our artist Ronald Hunter has already started working on new interior art series. Curious as we are, we asked Ronald to share his thoughts [...] Continue Reading
  • art wall Mix & Match your Ronald Hunter art

    The power of complementary artworks It's not hard to feel inspired by images of walls filled with beautiful art. Complementary artworks can make such a strong presence, but how to start? This Fall, we will help you create your own art wall with the collection Fine Art on Paper made by Ronald Hunter. Each Art on [...] Continue Reading
  • pop art Pop Art by Ronald Hunter

    Ronald Hunter and Pop Art Ronald Hunter is a versatile artist, with an oeuvre that encompasses different - abstract and modern - styles. But despite his versatility, he still manages to have a 'signature' style that is easy to recognize. Ronald has, in addition to abstract art, a true love for Pop Art. We want [...] Continue Reading
  • artist timelapse Painting Timelapse

    Painting Timelapse: How Ronald Hunter makes art Would you like to see how Ronald Hunter creates an artwork? Stick around and watch his latest artist video, where he shows you in a short painting timelapse how he created one of his latest pieces. As you might have noticed, Ronald Hunter is a productive artist. Ideas come [...] Continue Reading
  • custom art for interior design Custom Art for Interior Design Agencies

    Custom Art for Interior Design Projects Interior Design professionals know that art brings a WOW factor into any project. Art can make a difference, especially when the art is custom made. But where to find custom art for interior design projects? Ronald Hunter is a master in creating original abstract and pop art. His oeuvre [...] Continue Reading