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  • Depth and Texture

    Through multiple layers of paint and texture Ronald aims to create a sense of depth. Ronald works with different textures, and uses acrylic paint. This dries the fastest, while he works very fast in many layers. That's my signature, the many layers of colors, that makes it also a nice artwork even if you look at [...] Continue Reading
  • Original studies

    Ronald Hunter continuously develops his technique. Body and face studies pass by regularly, and with a bit of luck you can have one for a nice price. Continue Reading
  • XL Pop Art face for a client in China

    Ronald made an impressive XL Pop Art painting for a client in China. 'Pop Art Girl' is a serie of paintings where he mixes a female portrait with typographic form. On the right the new home for this vibrant statemtent piece. Continue Reading
  • ronald hunter at art district Ronald Hunter collection at Art District in Amsterdam

    Ronald Hunter at Art District in Amsterdam Ronald Hunter at Art District: Art Gallery Amsterdam. Ronald Hunter is an abstract artist, known for his large colorful paintings. With many layers of acrylic paint and light texture he adds a sense of depth to his work. Ronald Hunter's work is now also available at Art District [...] Continue Reading
  • Fine Art on Paper

    Simple and refined, the new serie of acrylic art on high quality thick paper (240gr) by Ronald Hunter. A balanced composition of color and form, every piece is unique and handmade. The artwork is signed on the front, and you receive a certificate of authenticity. You will receive this artwork rolled in a tube. Or, [...] Continue Reading
  • Blue Swirls

    Bold lines cover the entire surface of the canvas, bringing a sense of urgency, of dramatic expression. Ronald used a combination of quick brush strokes and the palette knife to create this effect. 'Morning Blue Swirl' and 'Night Blue Swirl' are available as separate pieces, or combine them together for the full effect. Continue Reading
  • custom art amsterdam Custom art Amsterdam mansion

    Custom Art Amsterdam This commissioned XL abstract painting was part of a large custom art Amsterdam project (2017). As you can see, the original paintings got a beautiful home in an Amsterdam mansion. Ronald Hunter has extensive experience in collaborating with professional partners to deliver original art for professional projects. Therefore, in recent years, Ronald [...] Continue Reading
  • Face study by Ronald Hunter

    Faces study # 7. Ronald Hunter is fascinated by Pop Art, and regularly uses bright (neon) paint to create an extra vibrant feel to his own art.

    Continue Reading
  • Typopop in close-up

    With a background in graphic design, Ronald Hunter often adds elements of graphic art and typography form to his work. He uses the term Typopop for paintings like these. Continue Reading
  • Panels serie: Abstract artwork by Ronald Hunter

    One of Ronald's favourite artworks is the 'Panels' serie, this idea came from a huge table he used to work on with large wooden panels. A lot of people who came by, told him they liked the image of those wooden panels with lots of colored paint on it, so Ronald decided to recreate the [...] Continue Reading