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  • dutch artist Interview with Dutch Artist Ronald Hunter

    How to make art a business Ronald Hunter is a successful Dutch artist / enterpreneur, that knows how to combine his business sense with his artistic talent. He sold hundreds of paintings in the past 6 years, and is about to start an exciting new venture with a business partner. Time to catch up with [...] Continue Reading
  • custom art for interior design Custom Art for Interior Design Agencies

    Custom Art for Interior Design Projects Interior Design professionals know that art brings a WOW factor into any project. Art can make a difference, especially when the art is custom made. But where to find custom art for interior design projects? Ronald Hunter is a master in creating original abstract and pop art. His oeuvre [...] Continue Reading
  • custom art for professional projects Custom art for professional projects – Interior design agencies

    Custom Art for Professional Projects Ronald Hunter often creates custom art for professional projects. As a result, he regularly partners with design agencies and interior designers/ decorators, to help enrich public or private domains with original art. As an abstract artist, Ronald Hunter offers a variety of styles and color compositions in any size. While [...] Continue Reading
  • custom artwork Painting SOLD? Request a custom artwork

    Custom Artwork based on a SOLD listing Good news for customers who are looking for their perfect painting! Even if a painting is already sold, Ronald Hunter is more than happy to recreate the piece as custom artwork for you. Just get in touch with us by email or phone. Ronald usually needs 1-2 weeks to finish [...] Continue Reading
  • Ronald Hunter in his studio in Rotterdam Ronald Hunter at work in the studio

    In the studio of Ronald Hunter As a full-time artist, Ronald Hunter spends a lot of time in the studio in Rotterdam. Here he focuses on creating his art, and developing new techniques. As you probably know, every painting in his webshop is original and handmade by him. Here you see him applying the final [...] Continue Reading
  • Super-size your new painting to XL

    XL painting: Go XL with your new painting You may already know what color composition you are looking for in a new work of art, and whether it should be a horizontal or square painting. Then the question remains, which size to choose? At Ronald Hunter Paintings we have a wide collection of different sizes [...] Continue Reading
  • typopop Colors that Pop! Neon and Typopop

    Graphic design and Ronald Hunter Ronald Hunter worked for many years as a graphic designer until he made the full time switch to painting. As a result of his background, Ronald’s colorful, vibrant paintings have a distinct graphic, street art style. He finds inspiration in layers of street posters, which create their own abstract compositions [...] Continue Reading
  • buy art online, safe and secure Buy art online, safe and secure

    Buy paintings online, safe and secure. Although many people use internet to search for art, a lot of us are still reluctant to buy paintings online. First, art is not something you buy every day. Second, we only have limited wall space. So, we want to make sure that what we buy is of high [...] Continue Reading
  • buy art from the artist Buy art from the artist

    Buy Art from the Artist Ronald Hunter is an independent artist, who exchanged his commercial career for art just 5 years ago.  He sells his art on several online platforms, and also from his official webshop. His webshop offers a safe online purchase experience, so that customers can buy art from the artist directly. His [...] Continue Reading
  • Depth and Texture

    Through multiple layers of paint and texture Ronald aims to create a sense of depth. Ronald works with different textures, and uses acrylic paint. This dries the fastest, while he works very fast in many layers. That's my signature, the many layers of colors, that makes it also a nice artwork even if you look at [...] Continue Reading