Colorful paintings by Ronald Hunter

Thank you for visiting Ronald Hunter Paintings. Ronald’s art is known for its colorful paintings, in abstract & modern styles. He likes to create new styles regularly. Besides creating new styles, he also revisits styles that are brought together in art series.

The “Panels” serie is one of his favorite styles to create. The idea for these colorful paintings came from a large table on which he worked, made of large wooden panels.

“Panels is inspired by a large wooden table that I worked on in my old studio. The table was covered in paint, and a customer remarked that it was a work of art in itself. That got me thinking, and I wanted to recreate the look & feel of the table on canvas. With the ever changing colors and textures, it turns out to be an endless source of inspiration” – Ronald Hunter

Abstract Art – Panels collection by Ronald Hunter

One of our favorite works of art in the “Panels” series, the painting that started it. Ronald created a sense of depth through multiple layers of paint and texture – there is always something new to discover in this artwork.

This is the first painting he made in Panels:
Original Yellow Panels.

The colorful paintings in the “Panels” series each have their own color palette, which fit into a wide range of interior styles.

“Panels” are available in different sizes, in horizontal or vertical orientation. You can also have your own unique “Panels” painting made. All you have to do is get in touch and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

original painting

Buy colorful paintings directly from the artist.

Buying modern art is exciting, but can be quite a challenge too. Preferably the artwork you buy, brings joy for a long time. But how do you know you found the right piece?

There are many ways to buy art and to purchase art directly from the artist, make the lines as short as possible. Especially now that artists can provide a safe online purchasing experience, buying directly from the artist is as easy as ever. Not only does it ensure you that you buy original art, we can imagine personal contact makes the purchase all the more enjoyable! We invite everyone to contact Ronald if you want to know more about his work process, or the story behind a specific artwork.


Trust your intuition

It’s important to use your common sense when buying art, and it’s even more important to follow your heart. Trust your personal taste and intuition and buy something you really love. Especially when the artwork matches your budget.

Check out the Ronald Hunter collection, you might find something you fall in love with..

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