Colors that Pop! Neon and Typopop

23rd February 2018

Graphic design and Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter worked for many years as a graphic designer until he made the full time switch to painting. As a result of his background, Ronald’s colorful, vibrant paintings have a distinct graphic, street art style. He finds inspiration in layers of street posters, which create their own abstract compositions of colors and shapes. Especially as they are posted on top of each other and torn down in urban spaces.

Typopop as distinct graphic style

Ronald aims to achieve this effect in his paintings through multiple layers of paint and texture, and the incorporation of typography. He calls this style of painting ‘Typopop’. This style is developed and used only by Ronald.

You also often catch him using bright neon colors, bringing a youthful vibe to his work.

Cubistic Pop Art Girl‘ is a painting that illustrates how Ronald incorporates typographic form (Typopop) in his Pop Art Girl paintings. On top he drew a face, with hard lines, coarsely painted. This colorful painting with neon pink will fire up your home.

pop art portrait

In his collection of Fine Art on Paper Ronald regularly uses typographic form to enhance his graphic style. ‘Yellow Squares‘ is a colorful combination of letters and symbols. There is always something new to discover in this artwork.


This detail of ‘Red Typopop’ demonstrates the richness of Ronald’s graphic style. Every painting is one of a kind. So even when Ronald revisits a style, you will never see the same painting twice.


It’s worthwhile to follow Ronald’s Instagram. That way, you stay up-to-date on his latest art and projects.