Custom art Amsterdam mansion

13th February 2018
custom art project

Custom Art Amsterdam

This commissioned XL abstract painting was part of a large custom art Amsterdam project (2017). As you can see, the original paintings got a beautiful home in an Amsterdam mansion.

Ronald Hunter has extensive experience in collaborating with professional partners to deliver original art for professional projects. Therefore, in recent years, Ronald has partnered with architects, interior designers and agencies in order to enrich space with customized art. For private residences, but also hotels and hospitals around the world. Ronald’s art brightens up any public and private environment.

Consequently, Ronald offers professional partners customized art at interesting rates. And we are able to deliver to projects around the world.

So, feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a professional collaboration. We usually respond within a few hours.

Ronald Hunter offers a wide variety of styles and color compositions. Below you can see some of the steps in Ronald’s creative process for the Amsterdam project. The artwork is built up from many different layers of color. These layers of acrylic paint create depth and texture.

custom art project
custom art project
custom art amsterdam

While the XL painting decorates the hallway, the client chose two artworks for the living room. Indeed, here on the left you see how ‘Neon Color Blocks’ and ‘Green Brown Landscape’ complement their interior.