Find your perfect pair of paintings

11th March 2018

Dare to Pair! Find your perfect pair of paintings.

We can make it easy for you to find your perfect pair of paintings. Just get in touch and let us know what colors and size you are looking for. We will offer you a couple of options to pair up. Or, if you are looking for a partner of a painting you already have, send us a photo and we will send back some suggestions.

perfect pair of paintings

In the example above, the color compositions of ‘Bright Blue Lines‘ and ‘Oceanic Blues XL‘ fit perfectly together.

perfect pair of paintings

And in this example, ‘Typopop Red‘ and ‘Typopop Neon Orange‘ match in style and energy.

perfect pair of paintings

This diptych might seem an unlikely one at first sight, but the lines of ‘Turquoise Striped Abstract’ match well with the impressionist dreamlike painting ‘Swirl Turquoise Sand’.