How to use neon art in your interior

5th October 2021

How to use neon art

We’re all used to the classic white, creme  and nude color schemes in interior design. And while they are common in many households, it can also get quite boring. It is however a great base to bring in vibrant colors trough art.  To start, in this blog we will show you how to use neon art in your interior.

Because, if you are looking to liven up your house with something fresh, unique, and totally out of the box, why not add a splash of neon color? There are many ways to add fluorescents to give your home some personality and set it apart from the rest.

To help you get started, Redfin reached out to experts across the globe, including Ronald Hunter, to give you our best tips on incorporating neon colors into your home. From adding neon tiles to light up your pool to commissioning a neon art sculpture as a focal piece, keep reading to get inspired. Check out their  15 Unique Ways to Incorporate Neon Colors Into Your Home.

neon art in your home
neon painting

Neon art paintings by Ronald Hunter

A neon painting on the wall is a direct eye-catcher. It will immediately stand out and give a playful feeling to your home. They will give your home a whole new atmosphere through bright colors.

According to Ronald, because neon is an unnatural color, it is great to combine with natural materials in the house, like wood or marble. For example, a work of art with neon works well in a room with a wooden or marble table, or wooden floor.


Neon is very pronounced in itself, so be moderate in its use. Use it in subtle details, or as a color accent. That’s how I use neon in my work; it rarely predominates but is incorporated in the details.

It is no secret Ronald Hunter likes to work with neon colors, like pink, orange, blue and yellow in his paintings. Especially in his pop art painting and portraits he loves to add some bold colors. He uses them the to give the artwork more energy. It can highlight certain parts of the painting, or give the whole painting a certain atraction and attention in a room to make it stand out.

neon art in your home
neon art in your home
neon art in your home
xl abstract painting
colorful abstract painting

Take a look at all the neon paintings bij Ronald Hunter here. Or follow him on instagram to see all his new work!