Landscape paintings, made by Ronald Hunter

Welcome to Ronald Hunter Paintings. Ronald Hunter is a Dutch artist, specialized in modern and abstract paintings. Discover his collection of beautiful abstract land-, sea- and city-scape paintings.

Buy colorful paintings directly from the artist.

Buying interior art is exciting and at the same time a great challenge. You prefer to enjoy the artwork you buy for years. But how do you know when you have found the right artwork?

There are many ways to buy art and buy art directly from the artist, make the lines as short as possible. Especially now that artists can provide a safe online purchasing experience, buying directly from the artist is as easy as ever. Not only does it make you buy original art, we can imagine making the purchase all the more enjoyable with personal contact! That is why we invite everyone to contact Ronald if you want to know more about his process or the story behind a specific artwork.


Trust your intuition

We think it is important to use your common sense when buying art, but more importantly: follow your heart. Trust your personal taste and intuition and buy something you really love. Especially when the artwork matches your budget.

Check out the Ronald Hunter collection, you might find something you fall in love with.

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