Traffic serie

Original Modern Paintings by Ronald Hunter

The “Traffic” series is characterized by graphic shapes in contrasting colours. The different layers of colors are still partly visible, which gives the painting an intereseting depth.

Part of the collection is available including wooden box frame. Are you looking for original modern paintings? These vintage style paintings are available in different color combinations.

I like to work with graphic shapes. I make these paintings purely on intuition, I start with 1 color and contrasting colors are added. The combination of warm and cold colors is a starting point for me. My successful series Panels is also built up like this.”- Ronald Hunter

Buy an original modern painting,
directly from the artist.

Buying art is exciting, and can be a big challenge. Ideally, you will enjoy the work of art you buy for years to come. But how do you know when you’ve found the right artwork?

There are many ways to buy art, with us you buy directly from the artist. This way we can help you find the perfect painting for you!

Trust your intuition

We think it’s important to use common sense when buying art, but more importantly, follow your heart. Trust your personal taste and intuition and buy something you really love. Especially when the artwork matches your budget.

Check out the Ronald Hunter collection, you might find something you fall in love with.

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