About Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter (1973) is a Rotterdam-based artist, specialized in abstract and modern paintings. The paintings of Ronald Hunter are best known for their versatile coloring and interesting textures. Ronald has a background in graphic design, and you often find elements of graphic art and typography in his work.

A few years ago Ronald Hunter exchanged his commercial career for that of an independent artist. His paintings have been sold to offices, shops and private residences in the US, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and Europe. So far in no fewer than 50 countries!

Layers of street posters fascinate me. With their seemingly random shapes, colors, texture – changing over time. 


Ronald Hunter uses only the highest quality materials, and takes great care in choosing his art suppliers – to ensure can enjoy your paintings for a long time.

And the best part.. Ronald is a strong believer of fair priced art, making it accessible for a wide audience to own original art. Let yourself be inspired by his collection, and worry less about the price tag.

All his work is designed and hand painted by himself. You can find Ronald’s signature on the front, and a certificate of authenticity at the back. All canvases (natural cotton) are stretched on a wooden frame, and come with a sturdy hook, ready to hang.

Official video Ronald Hunter