Painting Timelapse

26th September 2018

Painting Timelapse: How Ronald Hunter makes art

Would you like to see how Ronald Hunter creates an artwork? Stick around and watch his latest artist video, where he shows you in a short painting timelapse how he created one of his latest pieces.

As you might have noticed, Ronald Hunter is a productive artist. Ideas come to him in a continuous flow throughout the day, and he is often trying out new styles and techniques to create art.

In the past week he worked on a new serie Art on Paper – ‘Cubistic Modern’. Each piece is characterized by geometric shapes and color blocks, in different designs. You could say they are somewhat reminiscent to the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan.

painting timelapse
painting timelapse

‘Cubistic Modern #A’

painting timelapse

‘Cubistic Modern #B

painting timelapse

‘Cubistic Modern #C’

Ronald captured how he created the third piece (on the right) in a timelapse video. He wanted to give more insight in his art process.

Ronald tells us he often doesn’t prepare or design his art in advance – he just gets to work. As you will notice in the video, there are no lines on the paper when Ronald starts:

“I don’t have a fixed plan when I start. You could say I work intuitively, the shapes and colors come to me while I work. That is probably why I like to work fast, I need to keep up with my mind.”

Ronald is not a perfectionist when it comes to his creations:

“It’s not my aim to create perfection. My work is never perfect; the lines might overlap or the colors are not completely saturated.”

What he does want, is to keep a fresh outlook on his art. You never know what he might think of next!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy watching the timelapse video of ‘Cubistic Modern Design #C. And don’t forget to follow Ronald’s Instagram to stay up to date.

painting timelapse