Panels Serie: Abstract Paintings by Ronald Hunter

26th February 2018

Panels – Abstract paintings by Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter is a Dutch artist, known for his colorful abstract paintings and modern pop art. One of Ronald’s favorite artworks are part of the ‘Panels’ serie. This idea came from a huge table he used to work on with large wooden panels. A lot of people who came by, told him they liked the image of those wooden panels with lots of colored paint on it, so Ronald decided to recreate the table in a painting.

He creates them in different color compositions and sizes, like this one ‘Panels Lighter Blue’. You can find the complete painting serie in our webshop here.

Through multiple layers of paint and texture he aims to create a sense of depth – there is always something new to discover in this work of art. The balanced composition of colors will complement your home or beach house.

abstract paintings