Colorful Layers: The Panels Collection

26th February 2018

The Panels Collection: Abstract Paintings by Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter is a Dutch artist, particularly known for his colorful abstract paintings and modern pop art. While his oeuvre consists of many styles, one of Ronald’s favorite styles to create is the ‘Panels’ serie.


The Panels series holds a special place in my collection. It is inspired on a large wooden table I used to work on in my old studio. The table was covered in paint, and a buyer one day remarked that the table was an artwork in its own right. That triggered me, and I wanted to recreate the feeling of the table on canvas. With the varying colours and textures, it turns out to be an endless source of inspiration.

Ronald creates the abstract paintings ‘Panels’ in different color compositions and sizes. Through multiple layers of paint and texture he aims to create a sense of depth – therefore there is always something new to discover in this series. As a result, the balanced composition of colors will complement a variety of interior styles.

Take for instance ‘Yellow Panels‘. This painting demonstrates the complexity of the color work that Ronald uses to add depth. In combination with the textured layers you can discover new elements every time you look at it. It is no surprise we often hear the Panels serie are the type of paintings that reveal itself slowly over time.

Not only is each painting unique, but more importantly, the ‘Panels’ paintings are affordable. You can find the complete painting serie in our webshop here.

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