Pop Art Portrait by Ronald Hunter

11th May 2018

Pop Art Portrait by Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter is a versatile artist, with an oeuvre that encompasses different (abstract and pop art) styles. But despite his versatility, he manages to have a ‘signature’ style that is easy to recognize.┬áThe Pop Art Portrait serie is a cornerstone in his collection. We asked Ronald if he could share some insight in his creative process.

Interview with the artist

“I have a background in graphic design, and I like to play with shapes and typographic form in my work. Bright neon colors are often part of the color palette. I start by looking for the right color balance, and use larger en smaller typography to shape the background. Once the shape/color feels balanced, I decide which portrait fits best.”

How do you choose your female portrait?

“I never use famous faces, I want the face to be neutral for the viewer. It is not important who the person is, I want people to experience the whole image, the interaction of colors, shapes and face. The way the lines play a role in the experience of the face is interesting to me. You wonder: am I looking at the shapes or the face? It’s clearly a face, but it shouldn’t be too distracting from the whole.”

When are you happy with a Pop Art Portrait painting?

“I am happy when the separate parts form a new image together. Altough each painting is unique, I apply the same iconic characteristics because I want people to recognize the serie.”

Tell us about your latest work!

“My latest Pop Art Girl is called ‘Cubistic Pop Art Girl’, that’s because I used the idea of cubistic art in it. You see new shapes appear while looking at it. For this one I als used highly contrasting colors.”

Below you see the process for ‘Cubistic Pop Art Girl’ in a few steps. It illustrates the delicate balance between the typographic forms and the portrait.